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Join us May 3 through May 7, 2021


Across an entire week, pop in and out of our Virtual Summit to experience the speakers who are calling your name. Where are you looking for encouragement and growth in your life? 


Join our room throughout each day when your interest and availability align. 


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One month FREE in the Women Who Spark "Accountability and Friendship for Success" Membership community...for women in midlife who want to make progress in their life with other like-minded women.

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Workshop Sessions


Do you like to roll up your sleeves and do the work?

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we get off to a strong start--while you're still going strong--with 90-minute interactive, do-some-work workshops.


Check out our three workshop options below.  Be ready to get out your journal, sharpen your pencil, learn new ideas and emerge with actionable take-aways.

A.L.P.H.A. Reimagined...The Art of Mastering Self-Leadership

Gila Kurtz, Best-selling author and serial entrepreneur...working with dogs and their humans.   

How to Create A Magnificent Next Chapter

Rachel Lankester, Founder of the Magnificent Midlife Movement. 

How to Raise Your Vibe and Thrive at Midlife

Dr. Ellen Albertson, AKA The Midlife Whisperer.

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Speaker Sessions

Get ready to be inspired! 
Join us each day for live speaker sessions with women who are excited to share a message with you. These sessions are up to 45 minutes long and weave in time for conversation with YOU! 
Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Life

Traci Jeske, International Personal Stylist.

Being Unstoppable In Your Mission

Sue Revell, on a mission to STOP women playing small!

Oh, There You Are: Knowing Yourself Again With the Enneagram

Jenn Whitmer, Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Enneagram Expert

Speak With Confidence

Karen Laos, Communication Expert and Keynote Speaker.


Banish Your Imposter Thoughts for Good!

Dr. Patricia Thompson, Corporate Psychologist, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author.

Quitting to Win

Crystal Waltman, Best-selling author of Quitting to Win. 

Shame Uncovered

Dr. Shawn Horn, The Shame-busting Psychologist, TEDx Speaker, Cohost of TV Show Stories Uncovered, and Host of Inspired Living Podcast.

The Magic of Your Midlife Mindset

Christy Largent, Helping midlife women discover, design, and live-out their Dream Midlife Roadmap. 

Small Isn't Your Size Anyway

Dr. Maggie Landes, Board-certified physician, public health nutritionist and anti-diet wellness expert.

How To Enhance Your V.I.B.E. in Midlife

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert for women over 40. 


Networking Sessions

Ohhhh, we'd better sneak this in here! 
Ladies, there is too much value here to not offer you a handful of opportunities to chat about the SPARKS that are REIGNITING you!
We will offer an opportunity to chat and network at the start of each day, as well as additional times sprinkled here and there! 

15-Minute Spotlight Sessions

Sometimes there is nothing as energizing as a quick dose of inspiration. Plenty of opportunity for that, as well! 
Monday through Thursday, we'll have a lightning round of spotlight speakers to close out our day and tee us up for our
final networking opportunity.  (Think Ted Talk style!)
Check out our spotlight speakers below: 
Kids....Adult Kids Say the Darndest Things! 

Debra "Queen" Cole, AGZ Community Engagement Director and Podcast Host

Get Out of Your Head: The Art of Journaling

Kate Volman, CEO of Floyd Consulting, Executive Coach and Certified Dream Manager.

Cultivate Confidence and Discover SPARKS in Your Ordinary Day

Aleta Norris, Best-selling author of Women Who Spark After 50. 

How to Reclaim Your Personal Style & Make the Fashion Rules Work For You

Elysha Lenkin, Personal Fashion Stylist.

Building Personal Empowerment by Breaking the Cycle of Self-Sacrifice

Liza Blas, Host of Very Happy Stories Podcast.

How Pickleball Can Improve Your Health and Your Sex Life

Michelle Weidenbenner, Best-selling author and coach for Moms of Addicted Loved Ones. 

What Does Age Got to do With It?

Latrese Kabuya, Host of Insights with Latrese Podcast Series. 

3 Secrets for Creating a Body You Love

Kristen Coffield, Author, Educator and Culinary Disruptor  

How Reading Keeps Your Mind, Body and Soul Young Forever!

Parisa Mirza-Khan, CEO/Founder of Enchant by Parisa.

Women in Charge:  Taking Control of Your Home Renovation

Mona Ying Reeves, Renovation Coach, Licensed Architect, and Founder of Kickstart House.  

Living with Special Needs & LOVING IT

Rhianna Sanford, Author of This Special Life: Living With Special Needs & LOVING IT.  

How I Know the Midlife Crisis Thing is a Myth (and what we can do about it)

Dara Goldberg, Life transitions coach.

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Pre-Recorded Sessions


We had such an overwhelming response from speakers who were interested  in inspiring you toward action, we could not fit everyone on our schedule.
Pre-recorded sessions are available in your Summit Library as part of your VIP Upgrade.
Check out our speakers who are offering topics you won't want to miss, along with a reminder of what is included in your VIP Upgrade:
How Embracing Loss Can Lead to Eternal Happiness

Prissy Elrod, Butterfly Girl.  Speaker, Columnist and Author.

Move Beyond Your Fears and Achieve Your Dreams!

Wendy Rimmelspacher, Public Speaker, Fear Buster.

How to Ditch the Monday Mentality, and Start Living Your Best Life Today! 

Christa Pepper, Women's empowerment coach.

Manifest the Sh*t Out of Your Life!

Kimberly Adams, Author of The Corporate Hippie

Natural Bio Hacks for Thriving in Menopause

Tania Dalton, Healthy aging coach and personal trainer.

Say Hello to Your New Life! 

Susan Alker, Attorney for Entrepreneurs.

Let's Bust the 5 Financial Myths about Women & Divorce

Rhonda Noordyk, Helping women achieve financial justice in their divorce.  


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