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Midlife Makeover has become Midlife Makeover Lite! 

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Designed to help you reignite and reinvent your life for an amazing second half—and to wake up every day excited for what lies ahead. 

Midlife Makeover will help you SPARK into A.C.T.I.O.N. You will go from feeling restless, unsure, unfulfilled—maybe even stuck—to reigniting the spark that life has extinguished! 

You’ll actually have dreams…along with the confidence that you can achieve them!

This eight-week online course is the only program of its kind that gives you the opportunity to think about who you are today, along with your current levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in ten areas of life….then helps you create a blueprint for moving toward a future filled with day-to-day happiness and confidence, combined with a clear sense of purpose for your future. 

Women Who Spark Midlife Makeover is designed to help you create and lean into a vision of your future amazing self! 


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