Kickstart Your New Decade

You asked for it! 

I've designed a mini- mini boot camp.

If you want an easy, low-risk, low-time commitment, FREE, HIGH VALUE experience, here it is! 

In Kickstart Your New Decade, you can join a group of women (we all need accountability, support and encouragement, right?) to create a plan! An easy, non-overwhelming plan! 

Not only do we have a new year upon us, we have a whole new decade upon us!

Kickstart Your New Decade is designed to help you create a plan that won't overwhelm you. 

Who am I to help you, you ask? 

  • I'm a planner!
  • I've diligently created a life I love by planning, year over year over year over year....for almost three decades.
  • And I know how to keep it simple.
  • Oh, and I've been a coach for more than 30 years.
  • And, I juggled some of the same crazy balls you may be juggling as I raised three kids to adulthood as a single mom busy professional. Without planning, I'd be a mess right now! 

Okay, back to you! 

Are you ready to wake up every day to a plan, ready to accomplish more, and feel confident and fulfilled with your life! Oh yeah….and avoid having one more ‘good enough’ year.

Join us!  I'm making it so easy.

Kickstart Your New Decade Includes:

  • Access to two video-based modules (which will require less than 30 minutes of your time)
  • The FREE Women Who Spark Life Assessment
  • A step-by-step process to create focus for the coming year....and beyond.
  • Clarity related to ONE area of your life to focus on.
  • The inspiration to wake up every day with a plan.
  • An actionable start-doing stop-doing list
  • ….and the satisfaction of making progress in your life

Here's what you can expect:

WEEK ONE: Assess Ten Areas of Your Life

During week one, you'll complete the Women Who Spark Life Assessment to help you zero in on one area of life to kickstart in 2020.

After you've completed the assessment, you'll select one area of focus and brainstorm a list of preliminary ideas to begin making progress.

Added Bonus:  Your Life Assessment results will get you started with a list of ten ideas.




WEEK TWO: Create Your Plan

During week two, you'll create your plan. This will involve: 

  • the creation of start doing and stop doing lists.
  • establishing routines and rituals in your life.
  • Setting up your environment for success. 


  • Participation in a live group coaching session to share your results and hear from other women. What are they working on? Who knows, it might create inspiration!   
  • Support in the Women Who Spark Boot Camp Facebook Group

Join Us For FREE!


Frequently Asked Questions

RELAX!  I know you're busy. You'll be able to watch the video lessons and complete the content in less than two hours!

I've made this super easy for you. Try it! Any help you need? I'm here. 

Great question! When you register, you will receive an email from me providing all of the details for accessing the course page. You'll find that it's very easy! 

HINT:  File away that email so you know where to find it! 

You are welcome to reach out to me directly. You'll have my contact information in my email communication to you. In fact, if you have questions now, you're welcome to reach out.  [email protected]

Not ALL course creators will give you free access to them. I am all yours!  Let me know what you need.

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I'm Ready!

What do other women have to say about participating in my courses?

Oh wow!  I’ve been on a personal journey for sure!  Focusing on one of my key goals during boot camp has made me feel sooooooo much better about myself. I also realized that we are much more alike than different in our worries, struggles and difficulties. I’ve had a lot of WOW moments.     ~ Ellen


These are all new concepts I’ve been implementing into my daily life and experiencing incredible results in my relationships with others.  I’ve discovered a passion to focus on for my future.  ~ Melodie

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